Complete Facilities in One Farrer Hotel Singapore, a Marvelous Place to Stay

Complete Facilities in One Farrer Hotel Singapore, a Marvelous Place to Stay

One Farrer Hotel Singapore is a good recommendation for you if you want a staycation in this country. There are many facilities and attractive places near there. Not only that, but you can also get a beautiful view from the room. Here is the information about this hotel.

General Facilities

AC is a facility that you can see in many rooms. You can see it from the lobby to your room. There is also a ballroom in this hotel. Not only that, but you can also get some experiences at the banquet. If you stay there with your family, you need extra time with your spouse. So, you can take a connecting room or family room.

If you do not like the smell of a cigarette, you can stay in a non-smoking room. The area is smoke-free, so you do not need to worry about it.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Sip cocktails every morning and take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool that has earned the nickname this secret oasis. This swimming pool is widely used by tourists who stay overnight to do water activities. The landscape is beautiful and the atmosphere is so warm for you and your family.

There is also a sundeck for those of you who want to enjoy the morning air openly. When the heat of Singapore makes you need to freshen up, just go to this one facility to recover. It will be very enjoyable to stay there for a while.

The tips are to always make sure your physical condition is in good shape when swimming and don’t forget to bring personal equipment. Surfboards, goggles, and swimming caps must be maintained at all times so that their use is no longer common.

Luxurious Lobby, Super Friendly Staff

There have been many visitors who have stayed at this hotel, even several times, and still, feel amazed by the interior design and the elegant impression in every corner of the building. The first impression they will get is luxury and elegance for a busy lobby with various activities.

At the top of the lobby is dominated by brown color which is also decorated with sparkling knick-knacks to reinforce the class and quality of this five-star hotel. The service is also following the level so that the lobby with many guests for check-out and check-in needs can be resolved without difficulty.

When the room is ready, you can rest in the room and don’t have to bother thinking about the fate of your luggage. Luggage will be the business of the hotel staff to deliver to your room. You can get some photographs when you come to the lobby.

Not only in the lobby, but the restaurant and the rooms are beautiful too. You can take many selfies and post that on your social media. Tag the hotel to make your friends know where you are at. That will be an enjoyable staycation in One Farrer Hotel with the beautiful interiors.